What's New in Quick Base

We're always looking for new and better ways for Quick Base to empower you to put your ideas into action. Throughout the year, we release new features and enhancements and publish release notes. Here's what's new in Quick Base:

May 2019 Release Notes

Gearing up for Empower 2019 plus enhancements and bug fixes.

Previous Release Notes

April 2019 Visual Builder and Admin Console enhancements, and report formulas in charts.
March 2019 Visual Builder, Power BI certified connector, custom data rules, and mobile app enhancements.
February 2019

Enhanced audit log filtering, type-ahead search picker for all apps (new and existing), a new distinct counts summary option, ability to create up to three report formulas, and automations support for old field values, address fields, and reordering actions.

January 2019

Enhanced reports and charts using groups in report builder, type-ahead search picker for new apps (phase 1), ability to load forms faster with scroll and load, easier import through Workato, and redesigned Quick Base Help.

December 2018 A new Quick Base mobile app, identity management system integration for groups, easier data import from the user interface, and more.
November 2018 App schema changes in audit logs, customer-hosted encryption keys, a new build-together option for creating apps, a new way to color-code reports, and more.
October 2018 A new experience for table-to-table relationships, detailed data change logs, an updated Zapier connector, and more.
September 2018Integration with identity management systems, bulk user search, new mobile navigation and more.
August 2018Enhancements to popular features, such as dynamic filtering for Kanban reports, copying an automation for Quick Base Automations, and deactivating user tokens for the Admin Console.
July 2018Visualize the progress of your work using drag-and-drop kanban card views, rotate your account-specific encryption key on demand, and more.
June 2018New enterprise security and governance controls, including audit logs (summary of data changes), realm-specific encryption keys, and special characters for passwords.
May 2018We’re simplifying the app builder and end-user experience with Quick Base Automations, a new my Apps page, Report Builder enhancements, and more.
April 2018Enhancements to audit logs and formula builder & our new admin console as the default view. Plus coming in May: Quick Base Automations and a new My Apps page.
March 2018Audit logs for all log-ins, new admin console, inactivity timeouts for active user sessions, real-time error checking for formulas, and more.
February 2018New calendar reports, user session management, early access for audit logs for all logins, editing individual user information from the Manage All Users page, and more.>
January 2018Updated desktop experience, enhancements to Manage All Users, real-time error-checking for date formulas, and more.
December 2017 Consolidated user management, rich text fields, new calendar reports, IP whitelisting improvements, more mobile forms plus Quick Base certification!
November 2017New user interface and calendar reports for mobile, email reports as PDF or CSV, create waterfall charts, more options for building permissions, table imports, and summary fields, and more.
October 2017Try out a powerful new administration option, “Super User,” add builder notes to your fields, include more information on tabbed forms, and make on-the-fly changes to reports on your table home page. Plus we have new navigation features for reports and home pages, a user token option for connected tables, updates to mobile dashboards and records, and more.
September 2017

Copy tables, send reminder emails using new recipient options, choose map types on forms, and build formulas more easily.

August 2017Improved mobile user experience and add color for your tabbed forms, among other enhancements.
July 2017Add tabs and a “Save and keep working” choice to your forms, choose your own color for url buttons, and manage users with bulk controls for user pickers.

June 2017

Bring in email using Sync for Exchange, find fields quickly by searching in field picker, and give just the right access to Import/Export & Grid Edit.

April 2017

Automate your workflows with no-code Quick Base actions, connect to data stored on SFTP servers, set default behaviors, control security settings, and see more about your users.

March 2017Test your app as a specific user, view all apps that a group has access to, export a group, get insight into who triggered a webhook and when – and more.