Change the Ownership of Multiple Records

If you've created a record (for example, a Task, a Contact, or an Action Item), Quick Base recognizes you as the record's owner. There may be times when you'd like to change ownership of a record. For example, say that one of your colleagues, Bob, has left your company. Your boss has asked you to eradicate Bob's name from your Quick Base application. Bob created lots of records, so he shows up in all of them as their owner. It's easy to change record ownership of all his records to someone else.

Note: The word "record" refers to the records in a table, but the term you use in your application may be different (for example, "contact," "task," or "vendor"). This means that the text in the instructions below may read slightly differently, depending on what you call your records.

To perform this task, you must have administrative rights to the table containing the record(s).

To change the ownership of multiple records:
  1. Create (or open) a table report that contains ONLY the records you want to modify.

  2. In the Page bar, select More > Change the owner of these records.

  3. Click Select New Owner.

    The Select A User window opens.

  4. Search for and select the user to whom you want to transfer ownership, then click Done.

  5. Click Change Owner.

    To see the results of this action, you must refresh or reload the report in your browser window.

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