Create a Calendar

To create a calendar report:
  1. Choose a table from the Table bar.

  2. Click REPORTS & CHARTS to open the reports panel, then click + New.

  3. Select Calendar and click Create.

  4. Add a name and description.

  5. Select access level of Personal (only you can view it) or Common (others can view it).Note: You will only be able to save a Common report if the app manager has granted permission.

  6. Choose which Report group the report belongs to. (Optional)

  7. Select which role(s) may view the report. You can choose “My role only,” “All roles,” or “Specific roles.” If you select “Specific roles,” a list of roles in the app will appear. Select the role(s) you prefer.

  8. Next to What to base the calendar on, select what field to use to mark the start of calendar events, such as Est. Start Date, Actual Start Date or Date Created.

  9. Select which type of End date to use. Note: If you do not select an End date, all calendar items will display as all day events.

  10. Select which field(s) from your table to display in each day’s events.

  11. Choose whether you want to allow users to create new records (checked by default).

  12. Choose one or more of the following display and formatting options.

  13. To add a calculated column (Optional):

  14. To customize which events from your table appear in your calendar, add an initial filter. More about filters.

  15. Color-code events. Select Color-code events using a formula. More about color-coding.

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