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How can you use reminders? Have Quick Base send an email to you two days before your assignment is due. Remind the whole staff that the Project finish date is in 5 days. Send someone an "overdue" reminder to let them know about a deadline that is past due. You can also specify additional conditions under which an email should go. For example, only send a reminder if the Status field is set to Open.

Note: You must have Full Administration access to an application to create and edit reminders. Reminders can only be sent to registered Quick Base users.

To create a reminder:
  1. Select the table from the Table bar that contains the Date field you want to use for the reminder, click SETTINGS, then click + next to Notifications, subscriptions, & reminders. For example, if you want to let users know a task is due, select the Tasks table. If the reminder should warn of a Project end date, you might select a table named Projects.

  1. Select Reminder, then click Create.

  2. In the Reminder Name text box, enter a name for the reminder.

  3. Select recipients from the Remind Whom list:

  4. On the Remind When line, use the following options to set up when you want to send the reminder:

  5. Optionally, under Additional Criteria, set up a filter to specify conditions that send a reminder.

    For example, you may want to specify that Quick Base send a reminder if the status is Incomplete.

  6. Optionally, type your own Subject and Message to customize the email or, if you like the text that Quick Base has come up with, make no changes.

  7. Under Mail Options, choose the email address that the reminder is sent from:

  8. Click Preview on the Page bar to view the email before you save it, then click Save.

To copy a reminder:
  1. Click SETTINGS in the Page bar for the table that contains the reminder you want to copy.

  2. Under Workflow & Permissions, click Notifications, Subscriptions, & Reminders.

  3. Click the Copy icon copy a webhook icon to the right of the reminder you want to copy.

  4. Quick Base creates a copy of the reminder and adds "copy" to the end of the name. Quick Base will append “copy” for the first copy, “copy 2” for the second, “copy 3” for the third, and so on.

To send a test reminder:

After saving the reminder, you can send a test to the recipients to make sure that the reminder will be sent and all the intended recipients will get it. To do so:

  1. Edit the reminder, then click the Save button in the Page bar to save your changes.

  2. Click Send Test Email on the Page bar. Quick Base will send the test email three minutes later. If the confirmation message shows that the email was sent, check with the recipients to make sure they received it. Please note that the test message will only be sent if the reminder meets the conditions that it would be sent the day you are testing.

Note: If the reminder is deactivated, no test email can be sent.

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