Create a Table Report

When you create a Table report, you can choose which information to display in what format.

To create a table report:

  1. Select a table from the Table bar.
  2. Click REPORTS & CHARTS to open the reports panel, then click +New.
  3. Add a name and description.
  4. Select access level in the Reports and charts panel. Note: You will only be able to save a report for all users if the app manager has granted permission.
  5. Choose which Report group the report belongs to. (Optional)
  6. Select which role(s) may view the report. You can choose “My role only,” “All roles,” or “Users in specific roles.” If you select “Users in specific roles,” a list of roles in the app will appear. Select the role(s) you prefer.
  7. Specify which columns to display in the report. You can use the default columns displayed, or select Custom columns to view a list of all columns. Select the column(s) for your report and drag them to the Report Columns list (or click the arrow button). To use the default columns as a starting point, select Set to current default columns. The columns are listed in the order they will display. Click and drag to reorder column(s), select the column(s) (or click the up and down buttons
  8. To add a calculated column (Optional): More about columns
  9. You can customize the data that displays in your report using filters. You can set initial filters to include only relevant data and also define dynamic filters that enable users to change the display to quickly get just the view of data that they need. More about filters.
  10. Order the records in your report using sorting & grouping (Optional). Set the report sort order or organize records into groups by clicking sort or group on other columns and selecting one of these options:
  11. Select a field from the dropdown.

  12. Choose one or more of the following display and formatting options:
  13. Color-code report rows (Optional). Select Color-code rows using a formula. More about color-coding.
  14. Click Save.
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