Display Columns

What fields do you want to show on your report? In what order should they appear?

Use the Report Builder's Columns section to specify which columns (fields) should appear in your report, and in what order. If you make no choices in this section, Quick Base falls back on the reporting defaults established for the table.

Tip: If you have the report displayed on your screen, you don't need to open the Report Builder to adjust columns. Quick Base lets you add, hide or move columns directly within the report itself! You can even add columns from related tables and change display options like alignment. Read how.

To specify the columns you want to display in a report:
  1. Within the Columns section, select Custom columns.

  2. In the Available list, select the fields you want and then click the Add button (). The fields now appear in the Report Columns box. You can also drag and drop fields between the two boxes. Or, if you want to start with the default columns and add to them, click the button Set to current default columns.

    If your table has many fields, type into the Search columns box to limit the fields displayed on the left to ones containing your search term.

  3. Set column order.

    The field at the top of the list will appear as the leftmost column in your report. You can easily change the order by working within the Report Columns box. Click a field to select it, and then on the right side of the list, click the up and down buttons to the right of the list to move the field up or down in the list.

    If you want, you can also make the following changes:

    • To replace the fields in the Report Columns box and start over, click the Set to current default columns button.

    • To change reporting defaults, see About setting reporting defaults.

  4. When you are done selecting and ordering fields, click Save on the Page bar.

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