Kanban manual ordering


While users can drag cards between columns on Kanban reports, turning on manual ordering also allows cards to be dragged up and down within columns. Manual ordering can help users prioritize their high priority issues, for example, on a Kanban report that tracks tickets through completion.

Setting up manual ordering

Turning on manual ordering involves two steps:

  1. Enabling it in the Advanced Settings view in Table Settings. Note: Only app admins have permissions to turn this on.

  2. Switching it on in the Sorting section of the Kanban report you’d like it enabled.


Enable manual ordering for the table in Advanced Settings

  1. Open a table, then click Settings > Advanced settings

  2. In the Advanced Table Settings section, select the checkbox to enable manual ordering on Kanban reports. A dropdown to select the initial order will then appear.

  3. Select the initial order you want cards sorted vertically in their columns. For instance, if your Kanban report shows the status of your projects, you can choose to sort from high to low based on budget.

    Note: This only sets an initial order for your Kanban report. Users can then reorder cards by dragging them on a report. This does not affect the values of the field chosen as the initial order field.

  4. New records will display at the bottom of their columns.
  5. Save your settings.

Switch on manual ordering for individual Kanban reports

  1. Once an app admin enables manual ordering for a table, you can turn it on an existing Kanban report by opening the report and clicking Customize this report.

  2. In the Sorting section, select “Users order the cards manually” to turn on manual ordering for this Kanban report. Note: This option is only available for Kanban reports for those tables that have manual ordering enabled.

  3. Save the report.

Note: If you disable manual ordering for a table, all Kanban reports that have manual ordering switched on will lose the order of their records. This order cannot be retrieved. While cards will remain in their columns, the reports revert to showing the records sorted by the default field.

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