Barcode scanning with the Quickbase mobile app

Using the Quickbase mobile app, you can scan barcodes into a field.

A barcode can be scanned into any place a user can enter text. This includes searches, parent record pickers, and the following field types:

  • Text

  • Text - Multi-line

  • Rich Text

  • Multi-Select Text

  • Numeric – Currency

  • Numeric – Percent

  • Address

  • Phone Number

  • Email

  • URL

Tip: Include the word "barcode" in the field name to alert your users that they can scan into this field.

The table below shows the types of barcodes you can scan:

Type Sample image
Aztec sample Aztec barcode
Code 39 sample code 39 barcode
Code 93 sample code 93 barcode
Code 128 sample code 128 barcode
Data Matrix
EAN 8 sample EAN 8 barcode
EAN 13 sample EAN 13 barcode
PDF417 sample PDF 417 barcode

QR Codes

sample QR code

sample UPC A barcode


sample UPC E barcode

How to scan a barcode

When barcode scanning is available, a Barcode icon will appear above your keyboard:

Tap the Barcode icon to open up the barcode scanner, bring your barcode in view, and the scanner should pick it up automatically.

If your phone isn't picking up the barcode, try moving your phone up slightly so the barcode is toward the bottom of your screen.


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