About the Quick Base mobile app

The Quick Base mobile app, available from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, is a mobile-friendly version of Quick Base that you can use on your iOS or Android phone. Use the Quick Base mobile app to access your Quick Base apps on-the-go.

Note: To access a similar mobile-friendly experience on your iPad or Android tablet, you need to use the web browser on your device. The Quick Base mobile app is currently available for phones only.

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Note: Several field types behave differently in the mobile app when viewing and editing records. Read more.

Features available in the Quick Base mobile app

The Quick Base mobile app allows you to:

  • View your apps. View your app home page, review reports, and manage records within the Quick Base mobile app.

  • View tables. Tables display in a mobile-friendly format.

  • View reports. Table, chart, and calendar, and Kanban reports display in a mobile-friendly format.

     For now, other types of reports are only viewable in a web browser.

  • Add, edit, view, and delete records. You can add, edit, view, and delete records from within the Quick Base mobile app.

  • Email reports and records. You can send a link to a report or record to a colleague using the Quick Base mobile app.

Signing in

When you sign in to the Quick Base mobile app, you can also choose to enable the biometric authentication (fingerprint or facial recognition) used on your device.

Signing in using SAML authentication

If your company uses a certain type of corporate authentication (called SAML), you must sign into the Quick Base mobile app using your corporate sign-in credentials. The first time you open the mobile app sign-in page, you will be asked if you have a corporate user name and password. If you tap Yes, you are redirected to your regular corporate sign-in page. After you sign in, you are returned to the mobile site. From then on, you will go directly to your corporate sign-in page when you access Quick Base on your mobile device.

In some cases, your company may not have made its sign-in page available outside of the corporate network. You won't be able to access the sign-in page if your mobile device isn't registered on that network.

Navigating the Quick Base mobile app

When you sign into the Quick Base mobile app, the My Apps page displays a list of your applications.

Once you have opened an app, you can use the menu shown below to navigate. Open the navigation menu by tapping the Menu button in the upper left corner in any app page.

From the menu, you can select:

  • Search. Search for records in a table.

  • My Apps. Return to the list of all of your applications.

  • App Home. Display the application's Home page.

  • Recently viewed. Open a list of recently viewed records.

  • Reports & Charts. Click the report links next to the Tables to view the reports & charts for each table.

    Note: Any groups created by organizing reports will not be shown. All reports in custom groups will be shown in alphabetical order under the Common category.

Signing out

Sign out of the Quick Base mobile app by tapping the Settings icon, then choosing Sign out.

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