Sharing personal reports

You can easily share, or convert, any personal report into a common report using the Save As option.

To share a personal report:
  1. In the user drop down on the Global bar, choose My personal settings in this app.

  2. Select My reports & charts in the left column.

  3. Choose the personal report you want to share. The report opens in the Report Builder.

  4. Select Save - Save as on the Page bar.

  5. Type a name for the shared version of your report.

  6. Optionally, type in a description, to help viewers understand what the report contains.

  7. Select Common.

  8. Select the roles that will be able to view your report in the May be viewed by drop down.

  9. Click OK.

Caution: If the report contains a link to a file attachment, and that field has been set to allow open access, the file is available to anyone who clicks the link.

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