About connected tables

This topic refers to functionality that is not available to accounts on the Quick Base Essential plan. If the functionality described here does not match what you're seeing in Quick Base, your account is probably on this plan.

A connected table displays and automatically refreshes data from:

Create a new connected table, drag and drop to select the fields you want to connect, filter the data you bring into Quick Base, and set a schedule to automatically refresh the data in connected fields. You can also refresh data on-demand, any time you want.

Data flows into Quick Base. Since the data comes from another app, service, or folder containing CSV data, you can’t edit the data in connected fields. This helps keep your data in sync and eliminates potential confusion about which system contains the most up-to-date information. To add or remove records from your connected table, refresh the table to display the latest data from the connected service.

You can have multiple connected tables within a Quick Base app. Each connected table uses one connection to access data. You can re-use your connections across Quick Base apps.

What can I do with connected data?

Build reports across all your data from within Quick Base. Add fields, create relationships, lookups, and summary fields, configure permissions and use your connected data in workflows, reports, and home pages.

For example, you might use connected tables to:

Calculate project ROI Connect QuickBooks Online Invoices & Expenses and then relate to projects managed in Quick Base.
Pay the right people at the right time Connect QuickBooks Online Invoices & Payments and then relate to jobs managed in Quick Base.
Track programs & campaigns more efficiently Connect Salesforce.com Accounts and then relate to partner programs managed in Quick Base. Connect Salesforce Contacts and then relate to marketing programs managed in Quick Base.
Gain visibility into project pipelines Connect Salesforce.com Opportunities and then start onboarding projects in Quick Base.
Track detailed customer interactions Connect Zendesk Tickets and then relate to customer projects managed in Quick Base.
Gain a holistic customer view Connect QuickBooks Online Invoices & Payments and then relate to customers or projects managed in Quick Base. Connect Salesforce.com Accounts & Cases and then relate to technical sales campaigns managed in Quick Base.
Proactively address customer payment issues Connect Zuora Payments and then relate to customers managed in Quick Base.
Prioritize tickets based on customer life-time value Connect to CSV data from a financial system behind the firewall and relate to ticketing system managed in Quick Base.
Track customer emails to sales reps Connect to a central email account, like Gmail or Exchange to bring email messages into Quick Base.
How do I create a connected table?

Click New Table in the table bar and then click Using connected data. See Adding a connected table to your app for details.

Connected tables display in the table bar with the icon.

What’s in a connected table?

Connected tables display connected records, based on the fields you selected to connect and the filter and refresh options you set. Connected tables and connected fields display with a .

Like all Quick Base tables, connected tables include the five built-in Quick Base fields: Date Created, Date Modified, Record ID#, Record Owner, and Last Modified By.

Connected tables also include a Refresh Key field that tells Quick Base what data makes each record that you are connecting unique. Quick Base uses the Refresh Key, along with the refresh options you select, to refresh your data.

The connection owner can change the filter to display a different set of records and add new connected fields or remove connected fields from the connected table any time. You can also add Quick Base fields to connected tables.

Note: You can only add connected fields to a connected table.

What happens when I refresh my connected table?

To add or update a record with the most current data available in the connected data source, refresh your connected table.

When you refresh your connected table, Quick Base Sync compares the data in your connected table with the data in the external app, service, or most recent CSV file in your connected folder.

Based on the refresh options you selected, Quick Base Sync refreshes your connected table. Depending upon the purpose of your connected table, refresh options may be set to make the table match the data curently in the connected app, service, or CSV or to keep all the data in your connected table, even if the data is not currently in the connected app, service, or CSV file. This is a good choice if your table serves as an archive of all records. See About refresh options for more info.

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