Quickbase Exchange Overview

Quickbase Exchange is a source of pre-built Quickbase apps made by other users like you. Use the controls on the page to search for an app that has been used to solve a similar type of problem, then get the app that's most useful to you. Quickbase Exchange is a good way to make use of other Quickbase app builders' expertise, and get a fully-functional app much faster than you could if you built it from scratch. Any app you get from the Exchange is customizable, so you can make changes to suit your specific work flow and processes.

Here are some things you can do in Quickbase Exchange:

  • Search for an appUse the search field, the categories on the left, and Exchange's sorting capabilities to find an app that's right for you. You may be interested in our Staff Picks, which are apps recommended by Quickbase staff. Staff Picks are marked with a yellow bar on the right side of the app description block.

  • Get detailed info for an app – Click Details on any app shown in Quickbase Exchange to show information about the app and its author, and any reviews and ratings that Quickbase users have submitted for that app.

  • Get an app – Click Get this app to copy an app to your account. Once the app has been copied, you can quickly customize it to work with your data and processes.

  • Rate and review an app If you've been working with an app you got from Quickbase Exchange, you can rate and review it. All our ratings and reviews are provided by customers who have used the app and provided feedback on how it suited their needs.

If you have an app that you've designed and are particularly pleased with, we encourage you to share it to the Exchange.

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