Getting apps from Quick Base Exchange

Quick Base Exchange contains many pre-built apps that you can copy and use. These apps address a variety of scenarios and can help you if you are looking for assistance with project management, sales, IT issue tracking, legal billing, document management and other business processes.

Finding the right app

Quick Base Exchange provides a number of different ways for you to find just the right app for your business needs.

To find an app in Quick Base Exchange:
  1. Sign in to Quick Base.

  2. Click Explore sample apps on the My Apps page.

  3. Find an app you'd like to use:

    • Search for an appUse the search box at the top of the page to search all the apps in the Exchange. Quick Base returns apps that have your search term in the name, description, categories, or tags.

    • Browse apps by category – Choose a category of app from the list on the left to show only apps in that category. The number in parentheses after the category name indicates how many apps the category contains.

    • Sort the apps – Use the dropdown on the upper right side of the page to sort the apps by one of the following: Most popular (most downloads), Newest (most recently added to the Exchange), Highest rating, Author, or Recent downloads (most recently downloaded).

Viewing app details

To view more details for a specific app, click the Details button. On the Details page for an app, you can view the information provided by the app's author, including screenshots, a description of the app, the author's experience with Quick Base, and more. If the app has been reviewed, you can also read those reviews to see how other people felt about the app.

Copying an app from Quick Base Exchange to your account

Once you've found an app you'd like to use, it's easy to copy it from Quick Base Exchange to your account.

To copy an app to your account:
  1. When you've found an app you like in Quick Base Exchange, click the Get this app button on the app.

  2. If you have the rights to create apps in multiple accounts, choose an account from the list presented.

  3. Enter the name you want to give your new app and click Create. Quick Base copies the app into your account.

    The app Home page displays. You can now customize the app however you like.

Using and deleting sample data in apps

Some apps are contributed by community of Quick Base users, some are contributed by Quick Base Solution Providers, and some are created by the Quick Base team. Many apps come complete with sample data so you'll understand exactly what kind of information should go where, and how the application is meant to work. (How much data is in the app and how thoroughly the app has been prepared for Quick Base Exchange depend on the app's author.) Once you've had a look around and are ready to enter your own data, click Delete sample data in the Page bar on the app Home page. If you have already started adding some of your own records, don't worry. Quick Base will not delete any records that you have modified or added since creating your application.

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