Create a Record Change Notification

The steps you follow to create a record change notification depend upon who you are. Application Managers or users with Full Administration rights have more options than regular users of an application. Managers can send to multiple recipients, while users can only send to themselves.

Note: The steps in this procedure may be different if you do not have access permission to modify records.

To create a record change notification:
  1. Complete one of the following tasks to create a notification:

  1. Select a Permission Type from one of the following options:

  2. In the Notification Name text box, enter a name for the notification. Quick Base uses this name to identify the notification.

  3. Select recipients from the Notify Whom list:

  4. In the Notify When box, select the set of actions that will result in a notification. You can send a notification whenever a record is changed.

    In addition to these "record changed" options, you can impose criteria that users must meet to cause the notification. For example, maybe you want to be notified only when a task's Status field is modified.

    To add additional criteria:

    1. Click the Additional Criteria arrow to the right of the Notify When box.

    2. Under AND when, select one of the following options:

      • When any field changes – Sends this email notification about changes to any field.

      • When specific fields change – Opens a list of fields that you can select and sends this email notification about changes made to the fields that you select from the list.

    3. Under AND When the following conditions are true after the change, you can create filter criteria.

      For example, say you want Quick Base to notify you only when the Status field changes to "On Hold." you can create a filter to do that.

      The following figure shows the Additional criteria options in the Notify When section:

  5. Select one of the following message types from the Message Type list:

    You can compose the message yourself, or let the program to do it for you.

    Caution: If you include a file attachment field in the message, and that field has been set to allow open access, the file is available to anyone who clicks the link in the notification email.

  6. If you want Quick Base to compose the subject line, leave the Subject field blank. Otherwise, type the subject of your email in the field.

    A Fields and Markers list appears to the right of the box. You can insert field references and other information from your application into the subject line by selecting or searching for the field(s) you want.

  7. Select one of the following options for the Message Format:

  8. Tell Quick Base if you want it to include a copy of the record:

  9. Under Advanced Options, select the following options:

  10. Click Preview on the Page bar to view a preview of your email, or click Save to save your changes.

Choosing a "From" address for your notification:

Choose one of the following options:

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