Create a Report Subscription

When subscribing to a report, there are more options for Application Administrators than regular users of an application.

Note: Application Administrators can send subscriptions to multiple recipients, while users can only send subscriptions to themselves.

To create a report subscription:
  1. Open a table, then click REPORTS & CHARTS in the Page bar. Open the report you want, then click More > New subscription.


    Select a table from the Table bar, click Settings, then click +New next to Notifications, subscriptions, & reminders. Select Subscription, then click Create.

  2. In the Subscription Name text box, enter a name for the subscription. Quickbase uses this name to identify the subscription.

  3. Create the subscription using the options described in the Email Subscription Options section, below.

  4. Click Save on the Page bar to save your changes.

To rename a report subscription:
  1. Edit the subscription.

  2. In the Subscription Name text box, enter a new name for the subscription.

  3. Click the Save button in the Page bar to save your changes.

To copy a subscription:
  1. Click Settings in the Page bar for the table that contains the reminder you want to copy.

  2. Under Workflow & Permissions, click Notifications, Subscriptions, & Reminders.

  3. Click the Copy icon (copy a subscription icon) to the right of the subscription you want to copy.

  4. Quickbase creates a copy of the subscription and adds "copy" to the end of the name. Quickbase will append “copy” for the first copy, “copy 2” for the second, “copy 3” for the third, and so on.

To send a test subscription:

After saving the subscription, you can send a test to the recipients to make sure that it will be sent and all the intended recipients will get it. To do so: 

  1. Edit the subscription, then click the Save button in the Page bar to save your changes.

  2. Click Send Test Email on the Page bar. Quickbase will send the test email three minutes later. If the confirmation message shows that the email was sent, check with the recipients to make sure they received it.

Note: If the subscription is deactivated, no test email can be sent.

Email subscription options

The New Subscription page lets you set up your report subscription. You can specify:

  • The report for which you want to set up the subscription. You can create subscriptions for both common (shared) and personal reports. After choosing a report, you can click the icon next to the report name to display the report in a new browser tab.

    Note: If you have created the subscription using More > New subscription while viewing a report, that report name will appear here.

    Caution: If the report contains a link to a file attachment, and that field has been set to allow open access, the file is available to anyone who clicks the link.

  • How frequently you want to email the report. You can choose:

    • Daily.

    • Weekly. If you choose this option, you'll need to also choose a specific day of the week.

    • Monthly. If you choose this option, you'll need to also specify which day(s) of the month the subscription should be sent.

  • The recipient of the report.

    • If you are an application manager (a user with full management rights on the application), you'll be able to choose yourself, all users with access, users in one or more roles, or a specific list of users.

    • If you do not have full management rights on the application, you'll be able to choose only yourself.

  • Whether to send an email even when there are no records in the report.

  • Report format: Plain text in an email, or email with a PDF or CSV file attachment.

For application administrators

Application administrators can create new subscriptions from the Notifications, subscriptions & reminders settings page.

Application administrators only can specify additional details about the email:

  • The email address that should appear in the From field in the email:

    • If you want the subscription to come from Quickbase, choose

    • If you want the subscription to come from the application manager, choose The application manager.  

  • Custom text for the subject and body of the email. If you don't specify anything here, Quickbase uses a generic message.

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