Promote a User to App Manager

Imagine that an employee, Gladys, suddenly leaves your company. Gladys managed an application that is vital to your business but neglected to transfer management to another user before her departure. How can you put a new person in charge of that application?

If you're an Account Administrator for the account that owns the application, you can promote another Quickbase user to be the app manager.

Note: If you are an application manager with no account-level administrative privileges who wants to promote another user to manager, you can simply transfer the application to that individual.

To promote an application user to manager:
  1. Access the Manage Billing Account page.

  2. Go to the Apps tab and locate the application.

  3. When an app's manager is denied access or deactivated, Quickbase displays a red link in the Notes column on the Apps tab. If that link is present for this app, click it.

    Otherwise, click the app's name in the table to access its Application Info page, then click the change link next to the app manager's name.

  4. Enter the user name or email address of the Quickbase user you want to promote to manager, then click OK.

    Quickbase displays a message confirming that the individual you specified is now the manager of the application.

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